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The humble onion helps treat knee sprain

Accidents do happen, even when you have the best intentions. Recently, one of our guests took a fall and sprained his knee. John was called in to have a look and decided to put on our tried and tested ‘onion pack’ remedy.

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The onion pack is designed for sprains and works small miracles in a very short time. This is what Anita and Tryggve had to say about the unconventional treatment that we administered.

“…the onion and salt pack worked very, very well. The injury was quite painful for Tryggve, and the pack was very effective. It reduced the swelling quickly and somehow the limb wasn’t as stiff as one would expect after such a bad sprain – within two days he could walk quite comfortably again. Best of all, is the fact that the ingredients are simple (and cheap) things that you always have in your kitchen. It is so simple that even a child, could prepare this treatment. If anyone questions the onion smell, I must say that the glad wrap kept most of it under control. And rather a slight onion smell, than a man who is complaining of pain ; – ) thanks for teaching us a valuable lesson in natural medicine!”

Onions are great for bruising, congestion, swelling and sprains. 

For any bump or bruise cut an onion in half and hold against the bruised area for a few minutes. The longer you leave it, the more effective the result. For sinus cut an onion in half and lay one half on either side of your head overnight. Onion is also excellent for bee stings; hold a piece against the sting for a few minutes.

For sprains apply the following: Grate an onion and add an equal part of salt. Place the mixture on the sprained area. Wrap gauze around it to hold the mixture in place. Over this, place a piece of glad wrap or plastic to allow the mixture to stay moist. Hold the whole thing together with a bandage or other piece of material. Leave this in place for at least 8 hours and if necessary repeat the procedure.

The way onions make the eyes weep explains their efficiency in helping with the above. They allow the blood vessels to open thereby reducing swelling, congestion and bruising.


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    Tyler Bourne

    I am a 56 year old male with a BMI index of 26 and in moderately good health. I was playing pickup basketball with teenagers, 20 somethings and others. The side to side motion of the game gave me a pain on the lower right side of my patella (knee bone). I will try the onion poultice and post the results anon.


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