Guided Walks

Leshiba’s guided walks offer an opportunity to experience the bush in a completely new way. Our knowledgeable rangers will show you medicinal and useful plants, how to identify trees, teach you tracking skills and take you up close and personal with wildlife.

They also afford a wonderful opportunity for birders to locate and identify new species.

‘Our ranger pointed out the fresh tracks in the red earth. We had been following on the trail of some zebra and we now seemed to be close. He indicated for us to be as still as possible and pointed ahead. There, quietly grazing beneath the shade of a Soetdoring, a zebra and her foal turned their patterned faces towards us and silently stood as we watched them in wonder…’

Our guided walks are a perfect introduction to gaining confidence in the wild and for learning about the African bush and all she has to offer.


Guided Walks R350.00 per person (Usually 7h30)
Game viewing R350.00 per person (Usually 16h30)
Adventure horse riding From R 430 per person for approximately 1.5hrs. Longer rides on request
African Jazz band Minimum 6 pax R2750 on request
12km Mountain biking single track – 2 bicycles available for hire R200 per 3 hours (per bike)
12km Mountain Biking Single Track Day Visitors – own bike R100 per adult, R50 per child under17