Massage therapies

H12 Leshiba offers an indulgent range of therapies designed to relax the body, soothe the spirit, improve muscle tone and evoke a feeling of well-being. Our three therapists, Nancy, Abigail and Mulalo, will ease and rejuvenate tired limbs and help calm your mind, creating a natural harmony within.

The Full H12 Leshiba Body Massage

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and gently relax. This is full body massage usies a combination of traditional strokes and deep tissue techniques, which improve blood circulation, reduce stress and completely relax your body.

Bush Back Massage

Take a load off your shoulders and feel the deep warmth of the natural oils relax you completely. This de-stressing massage focuses on releasing tension in the often over-stressed muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.

Inspirit Hair & Scalp Indian Head Massage

The ultimate indulgence. 30 minutes of an alternating slow and vigorous massage, concentrating on pressure points on the scalp, neck and shoulders.

Zinziba Hand Ritual

Let our therapists take you by the hand…This treatment feeds the skin with nourishing nutrients that lock in moisture with a relaxing, hydrating hand massage.

The Mountain Path Foot Ritual

Leading you to relaxation…indulge your feet with a soothing and revitalizing foot and lower leg massage.

Zwonake Full Body & Indian Head Massage

Pure H12 Leshiba therapy. This massage combines the wonders of a H12 Leshiba Full Body Massage and an Indian Head Massage.

Massage Therapies

The Full Leshiba Body Massage 60 min – R 560
Bush Back Massage 30min – R 320
Inspirit Hair & Scalp Indian Head Massage 30 min – R 300
Zinziba Hand Ritual 30 min – R 180
The Mountain Path Foot Ritual 30 min – R 220
Zwonake Full Body & Indian Head Massage 90 min – R 800