Rock Art

Our guided archaeological trail at Leshiba offers an enlightening and mystical venture into the past. Leshiba has seven rock art sites where there are Bushman (San) paintings and Khoe Khoe hand and foot paintings and three sites where there is evidence of habitation. The paintings are between 200 and 2000 years old.

Rock art at Leshiba

Our rangers have studied the subject extensively and are able to give interesting and insightful information on the lives and habits of the Bushman, including demonstrating the tradition of fire making with sticks.

‘His hands rubbed the stick, faster and faster until a small ember began to burn, slowly he blew on the tiny coal and smoke began to curl upwards to the roof of the overhang…an ancient art in an ancient place…’

The walk also details the medicinal and useful plants that the Bushman and other African cultures used. This is Leshiba’s signature trail, a MUST DO!

San Bushman Rock Art



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