H12 Leshiba is the ideal setting for an out of this world stellar experience. The unpolluted, light free view from the top of the Soutpansberg Mountains offers a perfect opportunity for stargazing.

Go on a journey through the solar system and view some of the planets, or wanderers as the ancient Greeks called them, before moving to some of the deepsky objects in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Progressing further we go back in time to look at galaxies whose light has taken millions of years to reach us, before man existed. Discover what some of the various shapes of the constellations mean to the tribes of Southern Africa and Europeans as we delve into South African star lore and western mythology.

See some of the deepsky objects and constellations only visible in the southern hemisphere such as:

  • Crux, the Southern Cross
  • Mensa, the Table in reference to Table Mountain, the only constellation in the sky named after a feature on Earth.
  • Omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae, the two brightest and biggest of the globular clusters.
  • The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, two of our neighbouring galaxies 180 000 light years away, discovered in 1520 by the Portuguese explorer Magellan.
  • The Coalsack Nebula, a dark cloud of dust 500 light years away, blocking out the bright star back ground of the Milky Way, which is best seen from the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Tarantula Nebula, a stellar birthplace visible to the naked eye, but magnificent through a telescope.

These and others are just some of the naked eye night sky gems that are visible from the top of the mountain at H12 Leshiba.


Guided Walks R250.00 per person (Usually 7h30)
Game viewing R250.00 per person (Usually 16h30)
Adventure horse riding From R 390 per person for approximately 1.5hrs. Longer rides on request
Stargazing 1 to 5 pax R2 000, 5 or more pax R3 000
African Jazz band Minimum 6 pax R2500 on request


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