Africa’s Finest

Leshiba makes the cut

“I am happy to be able to tell you this is not the standard “Dear John” – after a long process, Leshiba has been selected as one of the 55 main finalists to be included in our book ‘Africa’s Finest – The Continent’s Most Responsible, Sustainable Safari Destinations’. “ (E-mail received from David Bristow)

About Africa’s Finest

The most sustainable and responsible safari destinations in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, by Colin Bell and David Bristow.


Africa’s Finest is the game-changing book that celebrates the lodges and camps in Africa that are making a difference: those practising environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism methods whilst providing world class safari and nature experiences.

About the authors

Colin Bell is perhaps the best-known person in the African safari business, having co-founded both Wilderness Safaris and Great Plains. He lives in Cape Town and devotes much of his time to greening the safari industry (he has recently come out of semi-retirement to help drive a new community conservation project on the South African Wild Coast at Mkambathi) and playing as much golf as he can.

David Bristow is a nature writer, environmental scientist and adventure traveller. He lives on an estuary near Cape Town where he paddles, surfs and mountain bikes. He is the author of some 20 books on wildlife, travel, nature, culture and history of Africa. For 13 years he was also editor of Getaway, the premier African travel magazine