First aid course

Wilderness First Aid

The wilderness has it’s own set of rules and challenges and so we looked for a course that specifically dealt with what could go wrong in our situation. S.M.A.R.T was recommended to us and Andrew Miller arrived here at the end of May, eager, energetic and determined.

“Safety First” is “Safety Always.” ~Charles M. Hayes

Not the run of the mill

It is hard to describe Andrew but in order to understand his course it is best to give you an idea of the instructor. Andrew offers the most refreshing approach to First Aid training. He is passionate, interesting, careful with his explanations and quick with humour and absolutely determined that anyone can save someone’s life and if that person is going to be you, then he will make sure you know what to do and how to do it correctly.

Staff gets lecture about first aid in the bushlearnt a lot

Real life action…

On our final day we got to try out some real life first aid. Andrew took Edwin (a participant in the course and a great actor as it turns out) and set him up for a rescue scenario out in the bush. When we arrived on the scene, we had Edwin screaming so realistically that his sister, Gladys, also a participant, started crying. He had a ‘broken’ leg and an ‘amputated’ hand with some very realistic stage blood. We got to see how much we could recall and although Edwin may have bled to death or died from snake bite (yes, there was a very real looking plastic snake involved, which had Lukas jump 2 feet in the air…) had it all been a bit more real, at least we had a taste of what we could expect and we did manage to rescue most of him!


Everyone of us walked away inspired and more confident. We hope never to be in a life and death situation but should we be, HHH and ABC has been drummed into us with military determination and we would all step forward to help save a life.