Hail Storm Havoc at Leshiba

All hell breaks loose

Gale force winds churned up a huge dust cloud, which was suddenly replaced with the battering of hail stones as big as golf balls. Guests out on a game drive took cover underneath the game vehicle and one guest crouched under a tree, huddled beneath his umbrella, awaiting rescue.

Animals know best

Peter and the girls attempted to keep the horses calm and under shelter but they chose to stand out in the full force of the storm. The noise on the stable roof was too much for them.


A few broken windows, some bruises and minor scratches and trees left standing leafless. Dust bashed from the thatch roofs covering everything – a real nature’s spring cleaning!

Calm after the storm

A magnificent rainbow and crystal clear blue sky, washed clean, was all that remained after the 20 minute storm. 3 weeks later, Leshiba is a paradise of nitrogen rich green grass and new leaves on all the trees.



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