Leshiba – Best in Africa

Authors of the book ‘Africa’s Finest’ listed two SA eco-lodges under the Top 15 in Africa. Read full article

We have lived off the grid for 22 years and have found all sorts of ways to live harmoniously within our natural environment. Peter has designed and integrated some rather strange hybrid systems to suit our infrastructure, our donkey boiler / solar heater being one of them. Over the years we have worked with the local community, established our organic farming project and made use of renewable energy sources amongst other eco-friendly ventures. In all of this we have aimed to ensure the lightest footprint alongside splendid creature comforts.

We are determined to carry on embracing new green technologies and striving to reduce our impact on this planet as much as we can. We are always keen to learn more and would love to hear from you. Please engage with us on Facebook and share your ‘go green’ stories.

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