Permaculture, a sustainable way of life

We are in the process of developing our Permaculture garden, which is the first step in creating a space that will be used for our organic food garden and indigenous nursery. It will also be used for training trainers as part of our ongoing effort to bring sustainable ways of living to our local community.

Design time – no monkeying around

Game farms have a unique problem when it comes to creating food gardens. The structure should be baboon proof, monkey proof, warthog proof, porcupine proof, Big 5 proof and so on…

Spider spider spin your web…

It was with this thought in mind that Pete put pen to paper and came up with the design for our new Permaculture garden. He wanted to incorporate elements of Biomimicry in his plan and he chose the idea of using a spider web approach. A spider web is built in angular circles and gains strength in the structure from this formation.

Why use an Octagon for the building shape?

An Octagon provides superior strength, versatility and energy efficiency.

Paper to implementation

Pete made a great observation in the early stages of construction. It is much easier to draw the plan than to implement it! 6 meters up in the air carrying poles between two wobbly ladders made for some interesting moments and life reflections. But with perseverance and sheer will power, the two Peter’s and a great ground crew, managed to get the poles up.


Having raised the initial structure, the fun started anew with getting the chicken wire on. We are still busy with this phase but I am happy to report that it is close to completion.

Time to call the experts

We are incredibly lucky to be involved with specialists in the Permaculture arena and Tina De Waal along with Nicholas Heinamann are coming up with the ground plans for the garden. Here’s hoping we will be able to eat Leshiba’s wonderful organic produce by year end!