Peter’s Tree course

Peter’s approach requires no background in botany only an interest in trees and wanting to know more about them and how to find them in a tree identification book. Using Prof Braam Van Wyk’s, Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa , Peter teaches people how to use the extremely user friendly key, Tree id’ing can be seen as a very complex and intimidating exercise, especially when one considers all the scientific names attached to trees but running through the basic terminology and gaining a comprehensive understanding of how the key works, makes finding trees and naming them far simpler than one thinks.

Peter’s Tree course will open up a whole new perspective of your environment

Peter has put together a tree course that he is now offering to anyone who is interested. Professor Braam Van Wyk has given Peter permission to use his books and for reproduction of his material. Participating in Peter’s tree course will open up a whole new perspective of your environment and show you how animals, insects and birds interact with plants and trees. From medicinal plant and tree remedies to how trees are utilised, you will never again see them as just lovely, shady, green organisms. There is a huge movement in this country to plant indigenous gardens. The tree course covers which trees to plant to attract mammals, birds and butterflies, which will increase the diversity of friendly creatures that will be attracted to your garden and what indigenous, edible fruit trees are good to plant for your personal use.

For more information on one of these tree courses and for tree courses for rangers, please contact Peter at:

“Please thank Pete for the talk he gave on Sunday to the participants of the Birds and Forest Festival. Everyone raved about his presentation and have left with a new enthusiasm for trees which they didn’t expect at all. Joe was impressed by the effort Pete went to and said everyone appreciated his knowledge and enormous enthusiasm.” – Lisa Martus


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