Update: planting a tree in our new reception

Peter had the brilliant idea of putting this magnificent Dombeya Rotundifolia – Wild Pear into the centre of the new shop. Ideas themselves are quick to ignite but as we have long learned from experience, it is the implementation that poses the real challenges in life.

Peter, undeterred by the fact that the idea came after we had already placed the roof on the structure and completely determined to see his idea to fruition, organised the tractor and trailer and every member of staff and set about the task at hand.

Day 1

The first stage saw the tree being cut and refusing to fall over. With a lot of effort and some nifty tractor work, it eventually made it in to the trailer and was taken across to the Lodge.

Day 2

Peter realises that a number of branches will have to come off in order to get the tree through the French doors. He carefully marks each limb with the intention of re-attaching them once the trunk is inside. A cable to the tractor through the opposite window and slowly this behemoth was winched into the hut. Inside, a block and tackle raised the tree in the centre of the room and Peter and the guys had achieved their goal!

Day 3, 4 and 5

Peter painstakingly sat on a scaffolding and re-attached the branches one by one until the tree from outside, stood once again proudly, inside.

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