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The angels from The Virgin Islands

Cary C. and Barb D. are two amazing women, who I am really happy to have met and got to know. They came up to Leshiba with 22 caregivers and alongside our two massage therapists, Abigail and Lutendo, taught these men and women the art of giving massages. Massage therapy has been found to help people who are HIV positive, especially children. The caregivers were all given massages and then practised on each other and also did a tour through our Permaculture Garden with Mpho, who taught them ways of organic farming.

Massage and Touch Therapy In South Africa

New friends, HFL supporters and trained masseuses Cary C. and Barb D. are once again heading back to the Limpopo Province of South Africa to lend their helping hands.

Last year, after being introduced to HFL through children’s book author and longtime HFL supporter Cristina Kessler, Cary and Barb ventured far from their St John home to the Limpopo Province in hopes of assisting our South African friends. Not only were Cary and Barb immediately put to work building, painting and repairing but eventually they discovered a ‘need’ that was quite familiar to them and to which they readily responded.

With an interpreter by their side, Cary and Barb found themselves giving healing massages to the weary caregivers who spend their days caring for orphans, the elderly, convalescing patients and/or HIV+ individuals.


This practice was so well received that Cary and Barb returned last week to visit various villages in the Limpopo Province with the intention of training South African villagers to offer this healing touch to other needy women. Through the generosity of family and friends, Cary and Barb are returning with monetary donations, which will be used to set up their program and to buy necessary equipment.

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