Vutshilo Mountain School

On a mission

Vhutshilo Mountain School resides in the Nzhelele Valley in the heart of the former Venda homeland in Limpopo Province, South Africa, one of the poorest regions of the country. The mission of the school is to provide severely underprivileged orphans and children, ages 2 to 8, with the highest possible standard of personalized care, stimulation and education to equip them with a solid base on which to build their future.

Sue –Anne – the heart of the school

The founder and principal of the school, Sue-Anne Cook, has lived in Venda for eighteen years and is extremely committed to the Venda community. In 1993 Ms. Cook co-founded the Centre for Positive Care, the longest standing AIDS Education non-government organization in the region. In response to an urgent need identified by community members concerned about the growing number of AIDS orphans, she spearheaded the Vhutshilo Mountan School Project.

From home to school

Ms. Cook converted her home in Thathe Vondo village into two large classrooms, her pickup truck became the children’s school bus, friends donated initial supplies including furniture, toys and nutritional food, non-profit community organizations and individuals identified the most needy orphans in the area, and the Vhutshilo Mountain School opened its doors in 2001.

Vutshilo Mountain SchoolVutshilo Mountain School

Growing the dream

The school struggled to provide twenty children with two nutritional meals daily, clothing, transportation to and from school, education and exceptional personal care. As available funding grows so does the school. A larger two-room school building with the potential for adding was constructed in 2004. The new building can accommodate up to 40 learners. Children currently attend the school in grades R (kindergarten), Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Children are the future

As the needs of the community grow and change so has the school. Other services offered through the school include; quarterly workshops for children on ARV’s so they can learn to take control of their own drug regime. This has resulted in the children forming their own support group.

How to help

Your assistance can provide the security for an orphaned little girl or boy to relieve nutritionally balanced meals, clothing, preliminary medical assistance, ARV drugs and a stimulating educational experience.